Fairtrade Ireland

Fairtrade Ireland is the Irish member of Fairtrade International.  Fairtrade works with farmers and workers in the Global South: Latin America and the Caribbean Africa and the Middle East, along with Asia and Pacific, to promote fair and sustainable trading practices in developing countries. 

Fairtrade certified products are widely available in shops, restaurants and cafes throughout Ireland and in all the main supermarkets. The range of products continues to grow, and includes coffee, tea, sugar, bananas, chocolate, cocoa, confectionery, cosmetics, biscuits, fresh and dried fruit, cut flowers, ice cream, nuts, spices, fruit juice, honey, jams, rice, wine, oils, cotton and gold.

The Fairtrade Mark is the most recognised ethical label globally.  In 2015 research commissioned by Fairtrade International on consumer perceptions, conducted by consultancy firm GlobeScan, showed Ireland has 89% awareness levels of the Fairtrade mark, the 2nd largest  in the world.  Fairtrade is working with Bord Bia to support fair and sustainable value chains throughout the supply chain from the sourcing to the point of purchase.

Over the past 22 years, with the support of Irish consumers and businesses Fairtrade sales have grown exponentially.  Irish sales saw a 25% increase from €273million in 2016 to approximately €342 million in 2017 whilst Fairtrade international sales reached €8.49 Billion. This has resulted in the extra money earned by farmers and workers in producing countries growing by 19% to reach EUR178 million. Irish companies like Bewley’s, Fyffes and Insomnia have significant business internationally with Fairtrade.

Fairtrade  works in a myriad ways to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. During 2019, Fairtrade Ireland will focus on the five SDGs circled below.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

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