The Agri-Food Diversity & Inclusion Forum (AgDIf) is a collaborative initiative within the Irish food and drink industry with the purpose of advancing the diversity & inclusion (D&I) agenda within the industry focusing on gender balance initially. 

We live in challenging times – especially in the Agri-food sector. In dealing with the impact of COVID and Brexit; it’s not always easy to face other challenges, such as diversity and inclusion in your workforce.

Ireland is now a more diverse, dynamic and integrated society than ever before. The country that exports food to everywhere now also imports workers from everywhere. Additionally, the proportion of women joining and returning to the workforce offers firms a huge opportunity to recruit the best people from a wider talent pool - regardless of gender, ethnicity, creed or sexual orientation.

Integrating an increasingly diverse workforce; especially for smaller and medium sized firms; requires commitment, planning and support. That is why the industry has come together, with the AgDif initiative.

Led by Bord Bía and Aon; in partnership with the 30% Club; since 2017 the Agri-Food Diversity & Inclusion Forum (AgDif) has been a collaborative initiative with the Irish Agri-food industry, aiming to position our food and drink sector as the industry of choice for the best talent.

We drive awareness, influence and support through a wide range of supports. These include the hosting of educational Masterclasses, to help you benefit from the D&I experiences of others and the latest thinking on best practice. We provide a toolkit which you can use to develop your own company’s D&I thinking. Additionally we showcase hotspots of D&I progress, where companies are advancing their employee experience.

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