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About the company

Richmount Cordial Company is run by David and Martina Burns, who produce award-winning elderflower cordial in Co. Longford. In 2012, they planted their first elder trees, and have since extended their orchard to 2,000 trees, making it the largest elder orchard in Ireland. This ensures they have a supply of fresh elderflowers on their doorstep.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Commitment to Sustainable Sourcing

Richmount Cordial Company only use 100% Irish elderflowers in their cordial, sourced either from their orchard or from farms in the locality, reducing the levels of emissions associated with sourcing. Their boxes are 100% FSC certified.

Commitment to Sustainable Production

Richmount Cordial Company monitor all energy inputs and are committed to energy efficiency and reduction. The factory is almost entirely lit by LED lights and they recycle as much as possible.

Enhancing Biodiversity

Richmount Cordial Company are committed to enhancing biodiversity, and do not use pesticides or chemicals in the elder orchard. They plan to rejuvenate existing hedgerows and establish pollinator hibernation stations.

Focus on Health and Nutrition

Having already reduced their sugar content, the company commit to not using concentrate, artificial sweeteners or flavourings in their drinks.






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